Katie Malia looms large in Hollywood. Each day countless stars walk in her shadow - quite literally. She stands 75 feet tall, towering in a billboard on Sunset Boulevard. During magic hour when the sun reaches for the horizon, this iconic iPod ad casts a ten-block shadow. She thinks it’s a tease, like she’s dancing and screaming “I’m here!” but she’s in silhouette and nobody knows who the hell she is. Maybe not yet, but this sprightly Ivy-league dropout is a go-getter and hot on the tail of her silver screen dreams. She’s mucho-motivated, talented and bright. Probably too bright to leave behind her A-average at Columbia University for her native California unless she really, really believed that she has what it takes to loom large in Hollywood, but in a different context, of course.

Fortunately, she’s seen successes in commercial, print and stage worlds. Dance has been a part of her life since she was wiggling in her crib and last spring she lit up the stage as the scintillating seductress Kitty, in Shag with a Twist. Her “outstanding performance by a female lead” was recently nominated for a Lester Horton Award. And while this is nice and wonderful and she’s very grateful thank you very much, she most assuredly would be happier with an Oscar nomination. If sheer will can catapult someone into the spotlight then Katie Malia is sure to be a household name. But if it can’t, she’ll rely on her alchemy of talent and discipline, and whatever luck comes her way to see her dreams through.

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